There's nothing else that can change your professional game (for FREE!) like a big media feature. 

But to most people, media is an elusive unicorn. The publishing world is this mystical kingdom where raving fans and "expert" reputations are handed out like organic lip balm on Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode. The glittery, golden media opportunities lie behind closed doors and you need killer credentials or VIP connections to pass through.

You dream of seeing your name in print while you're stuck down on Earth, in a reality where:

You're awesome at what you do, but nobody knows about you
You start each month dry, without a clue where your next client will come from
You have an email list but no one's joining and/or
The only time people do notice you is when you pay out the nose for pricey social media ads

You know high-profile publicity can bring hundreds or thousands of new leads straight to your business. Elevate your reputation and take your visibility to the next level. Position you as an in-demand star in your field — that clients are fighting to pay premium prices for.

(Not to mention make your frenemies who think you're nuts for starting a biz finally admit you’re legit.) have no idea how to get high-profile publicity.

So you dream about that faraway kingdom and don't actually DO anything about it.

Sound familiar? Oh, my love, I feel you. I've sat right where you are, scrolling through my Facebook feed, seeing other people's names in big media outlets and feeling...well...jealous and bitter.

I mean, let's be honest, right? When you see other people in your field getting press, getting industry famous, and getting tons of clients, it makes you kind of crazy. It’s so hard when you know you have the goods but no one knows about you yet. 

When I stopped dreaming and started taking action to get major press for my business, everything changed.

And I'm not using that as a figure of speech. I mean everything changed...
Media isn't just about getting famous. It's about getting results.

Did you know that you can build your business (I'm talking dollars in the bank and clients in the door) just by sharing your views in an article?

Or that you can have an inbox full of new leads who are happy to pay every penny of your fee, simply because they saw you in their favorite media outlet?

Or that you can become an overnight rock star in your field from just ONE media opportunity?

...And that it costs exactly $0 to land big media spots??!?

Once your big story is published, you get to keep that cred FOREVER and you can share it again and again. (And thanks to syndication and social media, your article will keep circulating to infinity and beyond.)

By sharing your expertise in the media, you can speak to a warm audience full of your ideal clients and customers...and all you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

This isn't a bunch of inflated promises that don't actually pan out in real life. This is what actually happened in my business.

I'll tell you more about how I built my business to multiple six figures by scoring features in Forbes, Marie Claire, and the Today show before anybody knew my name in a hot minute.

But first, you should know that to leverage the media to get noticed, skyrocket your credibility, and attract new clients to your business...

You don't need to be a "writer"
You don't need an expensive PR team, and
You don't need a big name, a single media connection, OR the keys to a magical unicorn kingdom
You can achieve the media placements you’re dreaming of from exactly where you are right now.
Here's the big secret PR agencies + experts don't want you to know...

Editors. Need. Content.

Your favorite magazine, TV show, or blog? It runs on fresh content. It's what keeps the publication alive.

Editors are out looking for expert talent every day. They're scouring the internet searching for go-to people who can make their jobs a little easier, by...

Sharing personal stories that speak to their audiences
Weighing in on hot, of-the-moment topics
Answering industry questions their readers are dying to know

When you can give editors exactly what their bosses want them to publish, they'll not only share your story, they'll come back to you again and again for more.

The media industry can’t survive without people who share their stories, insight, voices, experiences, and advice. That’s what journalism is: free expression. We’re lucky enough to have it exist — so let’s start taking advantage of it, yes?

Here's the truth: Regular people just like you and me are getting published in big name outlets every day.

They're not "experts". And they're sure as hell not journalists.

They're simply people with the tenacity to share their voices with the world. 

Here's the proof-filled pudding...

I have "expert" articles in Forbes, Time, Inc., the BBC, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider...and I don't have a college degree or a coaching certificate. (I dropped out of my NYU coaching program when I realized it wasn’t moving me towards my goal.) 

I was featured on the Today show without a media kit, professional headshots, or fancy press releases. 

I grew my email list by over 29,000 in nine months from press that has led readers back to my website and landing pages. (In fact, I've even been paid thousands of dollars by big-name publications who want me to share my “expertise” with their audiences...making media one of the only ways to get paid to generate leads!)

I'm a weekly columnist for Greatist without having a writing background.

I was invited by Arianna Huffington to be an Editor at Large at Thrive Global without any journalism training.

I interviewed celebrities under Marie Claire magazine without a celebrity Rolodex.

I’ve been in national print, online, and televised media placements...without knowing a single soul in the media world when I started out. I've been featured in:

Even though I'm not a media professional (and maybe because I'm not a media professional) people come to me when they want the fast track to getting published. Industry leaders like online marketing expert Jeff Walker, high-performance coach Todd Herman, and publicity coach Selena Soo have invited me to teach how to leverage the media at their speaking events.

It's a running joke among my friends that I'm not actually qualified for anything I do.

So if you’ve been telling yourself you need more education, qualifications, or connections before you can score big PR wins…

Stop right now. (Thank you very much.)

I started with nothing. And in less than three years, I’ve achieved everything I just shared with you.

So trust me when I say you’ve already got everything you need to get big press for your business. No matter how small it is (as in, just you — even a part time, Side-Hustling you)!

"Susie runs circles around the rest of us and makes it look easy. For someone so accomplished to open up so candidly is an opportunity for the rest of us to learn and one we shouldn't miss."

Libby Kane
Business Insider


Susie is an excellent contributor and a dream to work with. Everyone is busy, and Susie makes my job easy by always meeting deadlines (usually way early!) and filing clean, sharp copy that needs little editing.

Susie is always full of creative ideas and pitches that you haven't seen before -- she's really honed her topics and knows how to mine her wealth of knowledge again and again.

Susie's copy and ideas are clicky (and never click-bait!). They're original and fun, so they drive traffic, which ultimately is what every editor wants."

Amy Eisenger
Condé Nast (home of Vogue, Marie Claire, Self, Brides, GQ, Wired, The New Yorker, and more) 
"Having a sense of meaning and purpose is key to a thriving life. Susie Moore not only helps you discover your own purpose, but offers a practical guide to making it the driving force in your life and work."

Arianna Huffington
Founder of The Huffington Post and Thrive Global

Think you need a publicist for these kind of results? Think again.

People ask me all the time who my publicity team is. And they're floored when I tell them I do it myself.

Because I'm not a professional publicist. Not even close.

Some people want to work with a pro publicist and that’s cool. A great PR team can surely help you land awesome media opportunities.

But the reality of working with publicists is that:

They're expensive, man — you’ll pay $10-12K/month for private services or thousands of dollars for one online course
You're limited to their networks — most publicists focus on a few key publications and have relationships with only select editors
They have lots of other clients — they may have to spread their “favors” and opportunities out, meaning you might not get their best media spots

Plus, your publicist is like a broker. They introduce you to their media contacts, but they don’t teach YOU how to stand on your own two feet.

So you have to keep paying them if you want the good stuff. That means you’ll always be dependent on your publicist for your big publicity wins.

The reason I advocate being your own publicist is that I don't like being dependent on anyone else. That's the whole reason we started our own businesses, right?

So let's talk about how YOU can control your media exposure...

When you know how to be your own publicist, you can approach any editor, about any topic, at any time.

You can make the most of every single media opportunity by getting more social shares, more eyeballs on your story, and more potential clients reading your work.

You can keep all the relationships you build with editors, producers, and other key media contacts. Opportunities that open up years from now will come straight to YOU, and not a PR firm who may or may not share them with you!

If this sounds too good to be true, remember that I'm not promising some fantasy here. This is what I've already done in my own business.

If I have one major strength as a business owner, it's that I'm not afraid to try. Over the years, I've tried everything I could think of to get published. And I’ll be honest, I succeeded a very, very small percentage of the time.

But once I figured out the magic formula that worked, I covered it in gasoline and lit that sh*t on fire. With each new opportunity, I refined my process further. And I eventually developed a simple system that anyone can use to get big-name press for their brand.

When you look at the list of where I've been published, you can't deny that this system works.

And I can't wait to share it with you.

Introducing Five Minutes to Famous

Five Minutes to Famous is a results-focused program to help you land media opportunities that grow your business, even if...

You're not a writer
You have zero experience being interviewed on video or in print

You don't have insider connections to the publishing industry

You think you're too shy, young, new, old, fat, ugly, boring, inexperienced, or [[insert any other bogus, negative things we tell ourselves]] to ever get published
Pop the Veuve in the fridge and come with me, girlfriend. We're about to get you your first big media feature.

"Susie has the battle-scars to know how to win with media.

 Who would you follow into battle? A person that read 100 books on war? Or, a person that won 100 battles?

Susie Moore built her ENTIRE platform off of guest posting and strategic media alliances. Soooo… she’s kind of got the battle-scars to know the nuances of how to win with this strategy. And, that’s why I bring her in to lead my crowd on this topic.

Todd Herman
Creator, 90 Day Year

"Susie has a knack for breaking down concepts into very specific, actionable ideas.

 Susie is the contributor I most enjoy working with. She is brimming with all kinds of life coach wisdom, and knows how to talk to real people who don't live in that world every day — even people who might balk at the whole idea of self help. That is to say, she's smart and always right, and also knows how to connect to lots and lots of readers.

She has a knack for breaking down concepts into very specific, actionable ideas, and does so in a way that makes us all feel like we're having an honest, fun conversation with an awesome new friend.

Dria de Botton Barnes
Editor-in-Chief at Greatist

"Susie helped me get featured in MindBodyGreen

 When I saw my name in MindBodyGreen, I screamed! After years of reading it, I was IN IT! Thanks to Susie - a dream became real!

Susie helped me find my voice and footing as a writer, attract new clients, and get featured in media I LOVE!

Ivonne Ackerman
Barre Instructor + Fitness Expert​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


"Since taking Susie's program, I've been asked to write for publications, gained confidence, clients and A LOT of great connections. Without Susie I wouldn't have been able to move forward with as much strategy or courage, and it's been amazing how much traction I've gained in the media - it's so exciting!

I've already been in Elephant Journal and Yoga Magazine and paid to write for Sivana East. If you're ready to make things happen - she'll do it for you."

Helen Sian India
Life Coach + Yoga Teacher
I saw the success Susie had creating awareness for her business by writing for high profile publications. So, armed with the scripts she provides, I reached out to the Arianna Huffington and asked to write for the Huffington Post. She agreed and within a week I published my first article!

Susie’s a powerhouse and stretches her clients beyond their own comfort zones.

Katja Buhrer
Clean Living Expert 
Sara Kostelnik
Interior Designer + Creative Stylist

What's the "Pay In Full" Bonus?

GREAT question! So, if you pay in full (one time payment of $997), then you'll also get, for FREE, 3 monthly group coaching calls live and direct with me! This is an amazing opportunity to bounce your pitches, article ideas or strategies off me, as well as participate in hot seats. 

For the record, my 1:1 coaching clients pay me well over $1,500/hour, so this is the biggest steal you may ever find!

How does Five Minutes to Famous Work?

Five Minutes to Famous is your plan of attack to go from:

Being the best-kept secret in your industry
Having little to no writing or media experience
Not using the media to help grow your business or reputation


Getting recognized as an expert with features in big-name publications
Writing articles that grow your email list by hundreds or thousands a pop
Hearing from people who can't wait to work with you after reading your latest piece
Meeting influencers and having industry icons and thought leaders sharing your work and insights

As for the "five minutes" part of the program? The material is broken down into tiny chunks that you can tackle in five minutes or less. I landed my first big media placements while working a demanding full-time job and building my coaching business on the side.

As a busy entrepreneur, I know you don't have time to be your own full-time PR team. This program gives you targeted action steps to get you published quickly and effectively.

Sound like a dream? Here's how we do it...

What's included?

I'm not a fan of complicated. So I designed Five Minutes to Famous to be elegantly simple — only the most essential steps you need to get published are included.

Because the less you have to do, the more likely you'll be to actually DO IT and get your name in print, baby!

The program includes 5 easy-to-consume video modules and 4 proven-to-work scripts to get you featured in the media.

Oh, and — because people always ask this — you do not need to live in a big city like NYC or LA for this system to work its media magic. All of the strategies in Five Minutes to Famous are virtual and can be successfully applied from anywhere in the world. You won’t need a face-to-face meeting to get your first big feature!
Module 1: Celebrity Identity

You know how I said this program only includes the essentials?

Clearly defining your brand is ESSENTIAL. It's not an optional step, my love — you must have a clear identity and messaging to guide the rest of your strategy. Otherwise, you'll be pitching topics that don't align with your brand, which leads to missing the mark on your business goals.

In Module 1, you'll learn how to:

Create your core brand messaging to guide each and every story you write
Develop specific areas of expertise, a strong viewpoint, and a compelling, unforgettable voice
Confidently describe why editors should choose you over everyone else — the critical foundation for your rejection-proof pitch!
Pinpoint topics that bring massive attention from media, press, and readers
Position yourself as an expert in your field, so editors and readers alike seek your opinion
Module 2: The Money Spot

Seeing your name in the press is cool and all, but we're building your business, not just your ego.

This module is about getting strategic with your media placements so your press gets results (to the tune of list growth, clients, and sales). Plus, you’ll learn how the heck to make that important editor connection that will take your business to the next level.

Together, we'll map out:

A detailed description of your dream clients, students, and you can create the exact content they're looking for
A hit list of the local, national, and niche publications that your ideal clients are reading and are consistent with your brand
How to find the contact information for editors at big publications, even if you don't have a single media contact. (This is worth its weight in gold — you can't pitch editors if you don't know where to find them!)
Which media and publications drive real results for your biz and which don’t. (Bet you’ll be as surprised as I was when I learned this.)
How to supercharge your SEO by choosing publications that provide high-quality backlinks to your website
Module 3: Rejection-Proof Pitching

Before you write a single word of your article, you've got to get an editor to say "yes" to the idea.

That's where your pitch comes in. After years of pitching editors (and admittedly making a bunch of mistakes along the way,) I know the exact way to structure your pitch to get approved by even the most competitive media outlets. Together, we'll craft what to say to get the attention of big players in the wild, noisy world of publishing.

In this module, you'll discover: 
How to effectively pitch any editor in any niche on any topic
My strategy to never run out of stand-out story angles and irresistible topics that editors at places like Huffington Post, Business Insider, and Shape magazine can't get enough of
How to piggyback on trends in the zeitgeist to make your pitch even more enticing to editors
Polite-but-assertive follow up strategies to get a "yes!" response from busy editors...without becoming an annoying stalker
My unique "Laddering Up" sales technique to leverage each media feature to get more and bigger publications to approve your pitches. (Bonus: you can apply this same strategy to land more and bigger clients, more and bigger speaking gigs...the opportunities are endless!)
Module 4: Swoon-Worthy Content

Your pitch was approved!! Pop, fizz...wait. Before we can celebrate, you've got to write that article!

Because if you don't submit a killer article that fulfills the promise of your pitch, your piece will never get published. Follow this simple system to create an editor-approved article that leads readers to your website like hipsters to a deconstructed latte. No previous writing skills required!

You'll learn:

The 5 simple elements your article must include to get published in print or online
How to write a story that hooks interest, gets tons of clicks, and makes readers take the next step with your business
Productivity hacks to make the writing process easy, fun, and fast (I bang out my articles in one hour flat!)
Concrete ways to generate new business by writing in a way that makes readers fall in love with you
How to optimize your website to take advantage of all the traffic your guest posts will be sending you
Module 5: The Wildfire Factor

You think you wrote 600 words with your article? You didn’t — you wrote 600,000 words...if you know how to use and promote it the right way. This module is about maximizing every media spot, stretching every word, and fanning the flames to watch your message spread and reputation shoot to the stars.

Module 5 is all about:

Your Post-Publish Checklist of the promotional activities to do once your article goes live so that everyone sees it
The syndication secrets that lead to thousands of likes, shares, and comments — and millions of views — on your articles
How to 10x your content by repurposing it on your blog, as part of a book, or in a paid program or course...with integrity and permission
My "Topic Remix Method" to re-engineer your most successful published articles to pitch to new media outlets (to save time writing new content and brainstorming new topics)
How to build powerful relationships the right way to become every editor's go-to person in your industry for future press opportunities
The million-view trick to get your work shared by influencers who are happy to spread the word, if you know how to work it! I've had my work shared by Paolo Cohelo (author of The Alchemist), Arianna Huffington, Tony Robbins, Kris Jenner, Steven Pressfield, and Dave Asprey (founder of Bulletproof Coffee) using this strategy — some of the coolest moments of my life!
Your 4 Proven-to-Work Scripts 

Clueless over what to say in your writer bio, pitch, follow-up emails, or call-to-action?

Don’t sweat, pet. All you've got to do is fill in the blanks of these battle-tested scripts to create your own irresistible copy.

These scripts are based on a combination of what’s proven to work and what I know editors like to receive.

Your Memorable Bio

Your writer bio needs to give editors and readers a taste of what you're all only a handful of characters. Use this script for a bio that's professional, memorable, and completely YOU. 
Your Perfect Pitch

I've used this pitch to successfully land media placement in the Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Forbes, Business Insider, and the Today show. With this script, you'll pitch like a PR pro and spin your story in a way that editors can't refuse.
Your Polite Follow Up

Editors are some of the busiest people on the planet. So if you don't hear back after pitching, don't give up! Use this script to keep the ball rolling in a polite way until you get your “heck yes!”
Your Captivating Shirttail

Your shirttail is the snappy call-to-action copy at the end of your article that makes readers want to take the next step. You’ll get the proven shirttail script to drive major traffic to your site or offer, so you’ll never miss the opportunity for new leads again.
Private Facebook Community ($497 Value)

Want to jam on your content ideas and test-drive your pitch? Your wish is my command!

Inside the private Five Minutes to Famous Facebook community, you’ll connect with me and my team to get targeted feedback on any stumbling blocks that come up along your path to getting published.


Plus, you’ll also have a gold mine in the network of other FM2F students. You can discover secrets of what works best, share tried-and-true tips, and hey, maybe even score hard-to-find editor contact info from other students!

Lynya Floyd
Health Director, Family Circle magazine, GlamourSeventeenEssenceParentingMoney MagazineFitness Magazine
Exclusive Look Inside the Publishing Industry — Interview with Lynya Floyd at Family Circle magazine ($297 value)

I sat down with my beloved editor and good friend Lynya Floyd at Family Circle to ask her the burning questions non-PR peeps like us really want to know!

In this bonus interview, Lynya gives you the inside scoop on topics like:

The differences between pitching a print and digital editor
How to convey expertise in both the pitch and your writing/media appearance without going overboard
How to consistently come up with good ideas that attract a lot of attention
This is insight you'll never get unless you know a media industry insider. We could easily charge $297 for this kind of access. But you'll get this sassy peek behind the curtain FREE when you join us for Five Minutes to Famous today!

What's the "Pay In Full" Bonus?

GREAT question! So, if you pay in full (one time payment of $997), then you'll also get, for FREE, 3 monthly group coaching calls live and direct with me! This is an amazing opportunity to bounce your pitches, article ideas or strategies off me, as well as participate in hot seats. 

For the record, my 1:1 coaching clients pay me well over $1,500/hour, so this is the biggest steal you may ever find!


In case you're scanning and missed the part above where I said "I'm not a professional publicist," just wanna reiterate...

I'm not a professional publicist! (Or journalist. Or writer.) I’m just a gal like you who wanted to grow my one person business for free - quickly and with profit from the get-go.

You won't find fancy PR jargon inside Five Minutes to Famous. You won't learn how to make a sparkly media kit or write a smooth-as-buttah press release. And I won't show you how to design a perfectly optimized content calendar. For one reason...

You don't actually need those things to get published!

I didn't have any of them (and still don't) and it hasn't held me back one smidge. And, seeing as I've been featured in places that even some top publicists can't access, I'm confident in saying you don't need 'em either! #justsaying

Five Minutes to Famous cuts out all the unnecessary distractions. We zero in on the strategies that are proven to work to get you PUBLISHED, already!

The strategies inside the program have helped me gain:

Big PR wins in the best publications worldwide, including the Today show, Marie Claire, Business Insider, Self magazine, Forbes,, Life Hacker, Greatist, MSN, Family Circle, and more!
Over 26,000 new email subscribers in the last 9 months without relying on Facebook ads
A fully booked one-on-one coaching business
The credibility to charge premium prices (and by premium, I mean my coaching is $1,250/hour) without my clients batting an eye 
Speaking opportunities at online marketing events, on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, and in Facebook live streams at Family Circle, Greatist, Business Insider and Entrepreneur Magazine
An invitation to be an Editor at Large at Thrive Global, from Arianna Huffington herself
A #1 international bestselling book that turned into an amazing BOOK DEAL! (And I wrote that book largely by repurposing articles I'd already written for Marie Claire, so it was a snap.)
Requests to be guests on podcasts from entrepreneurs such as Melyssa Griffin and Farnoosh Torabi
Social shares of my articles by big influencers
TONS of industry cred and connections to influencers. My reputation has connected me with industry insiders who have since become business collaborators, affiliate partners, and good friends!

Me with entrepreneurs, coaches and marketing experts such as Farnoosh Torabi, Melyssa Griffin, Emily Williams and other members of Selena Soo and Chris Winfield's elite publicity mastermind, after I coached them on pitching to the media and getting published.

Remember, even though I'm not a professional publicist — and probably because I'm not a professional publicist — people come to me when they want the fast track to getting big media mentions. I’ve been asked to speak on the topic of getting published at events hosted by Jeff Walker, Todd Herman, and Selena Soo.

Oh, and one more reason me not being a professional publicist works out in your favor?

Five Minutes to Famous doesn't come with the hefty 5+ figure price tag of most other PR courses out there. Yet it will get you the same results...if not better results, because you'll actually start DOING instead of just planning. 

"I was so blown away (with Susie's system) that I asked her to teach it at my private publicity workshop!

 I knew of Susie before I actually *knew* her because I kept seeing her name pop-up in article after article online., Greatist, TIME, Elite Daily, Forbes, Business Insider...and just about every other publication I can think...there was another stellar article written by Susie Moore.

So when I finally became friends with her, I asked her how she does it... and she told me her simple but brilliant process. I was so blown away that I asked her to come in and teach it at one of my private publicity workshops and also to my elite mastermind group!

Chris Winfield
Success and Media Coach

"It's a pleasure to publish anything Susie contributes to MindBodyGreen.

Susie is insightful and encouraging, with a wonderful combination of experience and optimism that infuses everything she writes. Combined with her clarity of expression and readable voice, it's a pleasure to publish anything she contributes to mindbodygreen.

Allison Daniels
Editor, MindBodyGreen
A little bit about me...

I have a lot of titles: life coach, writer, speaker, bestselling author, and advisor to startups. But mostly, I help entrepreneurs grow profitable businesses and enjoy their lives along the way.

I started my coaching business as a side hustle, while working a full-time job as a Fortune 500 Sales Director. I decided early on that my coaching biz had to be self-sufficient, rather than a grossly expensive hobby. I needed a fast way to grow my audience, reach potential clients, and establish myself as an expert...that didn't cost me a dime.

So I got to work as my own publicist! My first approved piece was for MindBodyGreen and I used that to leverage more and better media opportunities. I learned that in the publishing world, momentum begets momentum. There more you’re seen, the more people want. And the rest is history, man!

Media is the foundation of success in my biz.

My press has grown my list by tens of thousands and brought me amazing opportunities as an influencer. One morning, I woke up and had 700 new subscribers because a piece that I wrote went viral. Not only was my business growing at a crazy rate, I finally felt like I was making the BIG impact I've always wanted to make. People were reading my stuff. I was… dare I say… living my purpose?!

A couple other fun nuggets about me...which have nothing to do with PR:

I left England at age 18 and moved to France, and then Sydney, and then New York City. I believe life's meant to be one big adventure. I mean, why not?
I helped build three startups over my career, all of which were sold, the most recent of which for $405 million
I have THE most spoiled dog on the planet. (You can find her @coconutcollins on Instagram. She’s kind of a diva.)
My hubby Heath work with me full-time on the Susie Moore team. I lovingly (most of the time) call him my "Tiger Mum" because he is a psycho motivator, data junkie, and taskmaster
What inspires me most is thinking about death. Whenever I'm scared to do something, I remind myself that we only have a limited amount of time on this earth. And I don't want to die with regret

Heath (AKA "Tiger Mum") and I having dinner with the lovely Amy Cuddy, Harvard psychology professor and New York Times Bestselling Author. We met her through Arianna Huffington. Again, one of the perks of having your work and voice out in the media.

Will Five Minutes to Famous work for me?

Ah, the million-dollar question! We've all bought courses that promised big things but didn't actually deliver results. It's the opposite of fun.

So let's talk about who will excel with this program...

Five Minutes to Famous is for you if

You're a doer and love ticking things off of your to-do list. Editors aren't going to magically find you and put your name in print. It just doesn't work like that. I'll give you the golden blueprint to get published in the media, but it's only golden if you take action!

You're busy, man. You'd love an easy-to-follow system to leverage the media and send email subscribers, clients, and raving fans your you don't have to hunt down every new client.

You're not afraid to push yourself outside your comfort zone to reach your big goals. This program will ask you to do things that you've never done before (like get published in top publications, hello!) You need to be willing to trust yourself and move forward.

You've got so much more to give. You know your current results are only the tip of the iceberg and you're capable of so much more. You’ve got a story to tell, a voice to use, a message to share. You could make a massive difference in others' lives...if only you had a platform to reach them.

You want to grow your personal brand. Five Minutes to Famous was made with entrepreneurs in mind — people like life coaches, course creators, fitness professionals, business coaches, designers, health and wellness coaches, online marketing strategists, copywriters, social media marketers, yoga teachers, speakers, and authors. But the program will help anyone who wants to grow their own personal brand by using the media, even if you don’t have (or want) your own business. (Big media mentions make you a powerful player when asking for your next raise or applying for your next position!)

You're sick of seeing your "competition" featured in the media and are ready for a piece of the action! Because you're worth it. And you have a whole lot to add!

It's probably not a good fit if:

You just wanna be a freakin' bad. Yes, leveraging press the right way could actually make you a millionaire. But it's about so much more than that, too. It's about building a legacy for yourself by genuinely connecting with readers. If you're only in it for the payout, your writing will have no soul. And no soul is no bueno.

You're 100% happy getting new leads from Facebook ads. You're cool with spending three, five, or ten+ dollars for each new lead. You're comfortable having all your lead gen eggs in one (temperamental) basket. And you're not at all freaked out that Facebook could go *poof* tomorrow, or jack up their advertising prices overnight, or that your target audience is starting to suffer from “banner blindness”. 

You'd rather blend in than stand out. You're comfortable where you are, you don't like the spotlight, and you get embarrassed when people notice you. I totally get that. This program isn't a good fit right now, but when you're ready for the world to see your awesomeness, I'd love to show you the way!

You make excuses instead of taking responsibility for your results. I love my students to death, but I'm not a hand-holder. I've done all the heavy lifting by giving you the scripts, the tricks, and the proven set of steps to get published in big media outlets. But your results ultimately come down to you.
100% Money-Back Guarantee

Five Minutes to Famous is the system I've personally used to get featured in outlets like Marie Claire, The Huffington Post, the BBC, MindBodyGreen, the Today show, Forbes, Business Insider, and more.

It's the framework that experts like Jeff Walker, Todd Herman, Chris Winfield, and Selena Soo have asked me to share with their audiences, to help them get published in big-name media outlets.

I know that you'll love this material, too. But to make it an absolute no-brainer, I'm offering a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Work through Five Minutes to Famous — watch the video modules and read through the scripts — and if you don't feel you have the proven blueprint to get you featured in the media, I'll refund your money. Simple as that!

Here's what you get with Five Minutes to Famous

This program is the complete top-to-bottom system to create irresistible pitch ideas, write captivating articles, and get your message shared wide and far to ultimately grow your email list, get new clients, and be seen as an expert. 

You’ll achieve all of that simply by sharing your story with the world. Deep down, I know you’ve got more to give. So give it, baby! You’ll discover how to let loose and fearlessly raise your a way that grows your business and impact like never before.

You'll learn through:

5 video lessons walking you through a simple system to get you published, promoted, and paid ($597 value)
4 proven-to-work scripts to write a compelling writer bio, professional editor pitch, polite follow-ups, and captivating shirttail CTA ($297 value)
Post-publish checklist of key promotional activities to make the most of every new article you write ($97 value)
Bonus private Facebook community to share your ideas, pitches, and burning media questions ($497 value)
Bonus Family Circle editor interview to get the inside scoop on what editors are really looking for from new writers ($297 value)

"A delight to work with as well as a delight to read.

I always get excited to work with Susie Moore because she doesn't just bring a unique voice and expertise to the table, but also enthusiasm and an open mind. That makes her both a delight to work with as well as a delight to read.

Jenni Maier
Editor-in-Chief, The Muse

"Susie is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Genuinely inspirational prose, clever ideas and respect for deadlines make Susie an absolute pleasure to work with. I get nothing but positivity and great copy from her!

Lynya Floyd
Health Director, Family Circle

You can stay on your current path. 

You can keep grinding to get each and every new client. Watching your email list tediously grow, one subscriber at a time. Paying thousands per month for Facebook ads. Knowing that you're so much better than many of the other life coaches, fitness professionals, business coaches, designers, health and wellness coaches, social media marketers, yoga teachers, copywriters, or industry leaders getting “famous”...but nobody knows your name.

Or, you can go with Door #2.

You can trust yourself, commit to taking bold action, and use the next 12 months to build your business by leveraging the media.

A year from today, you can be clinking champagne glasses with your bestie, celebrating your latest PR win in Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Marie Claire, or MindBodyGreen.

You'll watch as your email subscriber count increases by dozens, hundreds, or even thousands  overnight, as your article is shared with international audiences.

You'll update your website with an impressive "As Seen In" section with logos of high-profile media outlets who tout you as an expert.

You'll work with high-paying clients who don't balk at your prices because they trust you're worth it.

You'll be known as a star in your field.

You'll get your message out there in the bigger way.

You'll log on to social media and see an influencer sharing a piece you wrote. (This is SUCH a cool feeling!)

You'll have people contacting you to be a speaker on their TV show, at their event, a guest on their podcast, or an expert on their panel.

And most importantly...

You'll stop stressing about where your next client is coming from, because you'll have a steady stream of new leads coming from your published articles. Every time an old article is re-shared or picked up by another syndication outlet, you'll see a resurgence of new leads. Media is the gift that keeps on giving!

If you start today, all of these things are completely possible for you in the next year.

You already have a Ferrari in your garage. You have a helipad. Because you have a laptop — you can reach anyone, anywhere, anytime. Use it! We’re so privileged to be living now, nothing’s off limit.

And if you think it’s too noisy for your voice to be heard? It’s not. Only 1% of Americans have web authorship outside of social media. 99% of people are consuming. So CREATE! The opportunity has never been better.

Being featured in the media will change everything for your business. It can allow you to charge premium prices, fill your client calendar and programs, and to be seen as a true expert. 

That last one is priceless.  Once I landed big media placements and started being seen as an expert, I started performing  like one. It up-leveled every part of my business by helping me start acting like a boss business owner.

I sincerely hope you get to experience these benefits firsthand.

If you're ready to trust yourself, take bold action, and skyrocket your biz, just click the button below to join Five Minutes to Famous.

What's the "Pay In Full" Bonus?

GREAT question! So, if you pay in full (one time payment of $997), then you'll also get, for FREE, 3 monthly group coaching calls live and direct with me! This is an amazing opportunity to bounce your pitches, article ideas or strategies off me, as well as participate in hot seats. 

For the record, my 1:1 coaching clients pay me well over $1,000/hour, so this is the biggest steal you may ever find!

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